Home from home

I aim to provide a home from home environment, which is safe and secure.


I aim to provide a flexible service to meet the needs of parents and children.

Age Appropriate

With age appropriate resources all ages are catered for, including the big kids!
Role Play
Role Play

Role play is for boys and girls!

I’ve put together this dolls set which is perfect for role play activities. Children love to get involved and be mummy or daddy, no matter what sex they are.


Medicine Administration Policy

I am more than happy to administer medicine to your child should he/she require it, but only if you have signed a permission form beforehand. This permission form will be reviewed on a regular basis and changes made accordingly. If a permission form hasn’t been signed, I will be unable to administer the medication.

All medicines must be provided by you, whether it is prescribed by your child’s doctor, or an over the counter medicine such as Calpol or teething gel etc.

Each medicine MUST be in its original packaging with clear dosage instructions on it. If medicine has been decanted into another container, I cannot administer it.

  • I will obtain prior written permission from parents for each and every medicine to be administered before any medication is given, this includes long term medications such as skin creams for skin conditions other than nappy rash.
  • If the administration of prescription medicine requires technical/medical knowledge then I will attend training from a qualified health professional. The training should be specific to the child in question.
  • Prescription medication will only be administered to the child it is prescribed for him/her by a doctor, dentist, nurse or pharmacist.
  • Non-prescription medication such as pain and fever relief will only be administered with parents’ prior written consent and only when there is a health reason to do so.
  • If I do not administer the medicine whilst the child is in my care I will inform parents of who will be responsible for the administration of medicines to their child.
  • All medicines will be stored on a shelf in a high cupboard in my kitchen, out of the sight and reach of the children.
  • Every time I give your child medicine, I will record the date, time, name of medicine and dosage given and sign this, you will be asked to counter sign the form when you collect your child.
  • I will not administer the first dose of any new medicine(s) – the first dose should be given by yourself, at home, so that we are sure your child will not suffer any adverse reaction to it.

Policy date: 21 March 2017
Review date: 21 March 2018


As a OFSTED registered childminder I am able to care for children of a variety of ages within my own home.